• 518210- Application Service Providers (ASP),Electronic Data Processing & Hosting
  • 423430- Computer Peripheral Equipment Wholesaler
  • 511210- Application Software Publisher, Computer Packaged
  • 541511- ApplicationProgramming Services
  • 541512- Office Automation Computer System Integration Design Services
  • 541614- Efficiency Managment Consulting Services
  • 811212- Computer Equipment Repair & Maintenance Services



  • Mississippi Dept. of Transportation (MDOT)  

  • NC Dept. of Dept. of Transportation (NCDOT)

  • SC Dept. of  Dept. of Transportation (SCDOT)

  • TN Governor's Office of Diversity (MBE)

  • TN Dept. of Transportation (TDOT)

About US

Established in 2011, EDCI is an analytics firm and provider of innovative technologies based mobile solutions, electronic devices (ie. scanners, printers, POS) and products (ie. RFID, NFC, Barcode, supplies (ie. tags, labels, smart transit ticketing) and turnkey services to various industries with main focus on construction firms and government agencies to integrate, streamline and standardize the operations and supply chain constituents, including manufacturers, distributors, medical facilities, transportation providers, staff and vendors to collect, locate and track field data, equipment, track people to streamline workflow through any facility or in the field.

EDCI designs, develops and markets proprietary radio frequency identification devices (RFID) and other innovative technologies such as Near Field Communication (NFC), Barcode and others.  Our custom fit software solutions make it possible to access, manage, and control assets and equipment in field operations.

EDCI is in the business of developing and implementing assets, performance, productivity and operational management solutions that enable companies and organizations to improve productivity, stay compliant, deliver better customer service and provide more effective security. 


  • GA Dept. Of Transportation DBE (GDOT)

  • GA Dept. of Administrative Services (MBE)

  • City of ATL SBO Certified (SBE)

  • Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT)

  • FL Department of Transportation (FDOT)

Contact us today at (888) 219-9098 or (770) 855-3328 to schedule a free discussion regarding your organization's needed innovative solutions to increase operational compliance, performance and profits with workflow and process  standardization and tracking of daily operations, in real-time. 

Also, we will gladly provide you and your Team with a demonstration of our robust eDataVortex Mobile Enterprise Grade Software Platform.


EDCI’seDataVortex™ Enterprise Grade Platform was designed and developed to be easily used and customized with unlimited applications and Users capturing data in the field (ie. observations, assessments, audits, tasks) for immediate sharing and compliance with operations and regulatory agencies requiring accurate electronic audit trail. Features include:

  • Analytics and custom Reporting
  • GPS, Wi-Fi, Barcode, RFID, NFC technologies
  • Captures signatures & drawings
  • Photos, videos & audio
  • Drop down option list & detailed screen
  • GPS & map locations
  • Cascading list, drill down details
  • Auto push new tasks to other devices
  • Comprehensive user permission –avoids data alteration
  • Work Orders & Invoicing
  • Project Management & Scheduling Module
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module
  • Human Resources (HR) module

​Phone: 1-888-219-9098