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Audits, Assessments, Tests, Checklists, Inspections, Plus!

Empowering audit departments of all sizes with smart mobile solutions that deliver process efficiency, issue management, assessment, testing, reporting and analytics capabilities.


A dashboard can help with understanding and analyzing risk – whether from financial markets, credit markets, or general operations. Our data visualization technology and expertise can help you analyze and predict outcomes using stress testing and What-If computational models to make sure you're well prepared for what the future holds.


A dashboard can provide branch managers, regional managers, and executives with an interactive portal where they can explore branch performance from a high level down to an individual location. This can help managers understand what products customers are buying in different regions, identify areas where additional training might be needed, and discover how to attract new business through analysis of customer patterns. Executives can use a dashboard to better understand how well branches are executing specific mandates.

eDataVortex™ Platform is available on tablets or smartphones for Android or Apple devices.  Build forms yourself or visit our Services tab for complete development of your platform with our support.

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