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Cut Costs with the eDataVortex™ Platform Benetifs

Save Money and Environment by Using not using Paper.
Paper costs money – be it in preparation, printing, distribution or handling.  And every time you change a form or document, you have to recall and reissue. The 
eDataVortex™System replaces paper with an electronic system that’s simpler, faster and far more cost effective.

Eliminate duplicate data entry
Everything captured into the 
eDataVortex™ System forms database is digital, so there’s no manual data capture required when you get back to the office.  Get the data in a variety of formats like Excel, Word, PDF or integrate the eDataVortex™ System with your existing systems for real-time results.

Save on devices
Gone are the days of spending thousands on special-purpose devices just to capture GPS data and photographs.  

The eDataVortex™ Platform is available on tablets or smartphones for Android or Apple devices.  Build forms yourself or visit our Services tab for complete development of your platform with our support.