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​​Simple Login.  Using mobile technology for data collection in the field empowers staff with a simple login step into the Google App Store to download customized software applications and have access to easy to use business forms, maps and data. 

No Document Loss.  The staff will no longer have to carry or be concerned with loosing paper documents. Nor, will they have to spend time manually entering collected data, thereby, avoiding errors and omissions and increasing efficiency and moral. 

Real-Time Communication.  An additional benefit for the staff when using the eDataVortex™ customized System is that staff  and subcontractors are able to, at any time (ie. critical times, at the point-of-service) and in real-time, communicate with management or other team members. 

Perform Job Smarter, Faster and Efficiently.  Staff can obtain knowledge at their finger tips from the eDataVortex™ System which allows them to do their jobs smarter, faster and efficiently. 

Enhanced Communication at all Levels.  The use of the eDataVortex™ System  enhances communication at all levels and gives greater flexibility for management and staff due to the accessibility it offers from any location. The staff will receive job satisfaction from knowing they are utilizing Green Technology that models and conserves the natural environment and resources to curb the negative impacts of human involvement.  

eDataVortex™ Platform is available on tablets or smartphones for Android or Apple devices.  Build forms yourself or visit our Services tab for complete development of your platform with our support.

eDataVortex™ Enterprise Grade Platform— is easily implemented and deployed for any size of organization or industry that sees the benefits of mobile data collection at the point-of-origin and in real-time.  Collected information is immediately and securely stored in the cloud; in different locations; or, at the customers’ servers; to proactively analyze, share and effectively manage – people; assets; projects; schedules; operations; goals by analyzing detailed, useful data from thousands of standardized, stream lined business processes performed daily, including:


eData Collectors, Inc. (EDCI) is a global analytics firm offering increased paperless Business Intelligence and electronic audit trail with unlimited mobile apps that use Android or Apple phones and/or tablets for critical data capture in real-time, at the point-of-service. Data is stored in our secured cloud. Internet, Wi-Fi nor GPS is required to access forms and capture data!

Our Out-of-the-Box wireless data collection solutions deliver current, historical and predictive trends of business operations that increase safety and OSHA, HIPAA and DCAA compliance; efficiencies; communications; accountability; quality controls; immediate data access and profits.



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Also, we will gladly provide you with a demonstration of our robust eDataVortex mobile entreprise grade software Platform.


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