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Build your own forms or start with one of our pre-built forms.  Not just forms but applications that will prove to delight!  Manage all your Field Service/Mobile Construction tasks including:

  • Site Inspections
  • Incident Reporting
  • Collaboration
  • Dispatch and Scheduling
  • Work Orders
  • Time and Materials Tracking
  • Mobile Document Management
  • Customer Service
  • Estimates
  • Contracts
  • Job Site Assets
  • Asset Management

Our pre-built forms include:

  • 10 Day Stop Work Notice
  • Accident in Construction Investigation Form
  • Certification of Completion
  • Construction Bid Follow Up Letter
  • Construction Daily Report
  • Construction Material Order Form
  • Construction Risk Report
  • Construction Material Order Form
  • Construction Risk Assessment
  • Contractor Performance Evaluation
  • Customer Experience Record
  • Demolition Safety Checklist
  • Facility Inspection Checklist
  • Fail Prevention in Construction
  • Finalizing Hire Form
  • Job Pre-Start Record
  • Masonry Wall Inspection
  • Municipal Mounted Cranes Inspection Form
  • Project Completion Checklist
  • Rental Equipment Delivery
  • Weekly Health and Safety Inspection

The eDataVortex™ Platform   is available on tablets or smartphones for iOS or Android.  Build forms yourself or visit our Services tab for complete development of your platform with our support.

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Streamline management by eliminating paperwork, waste, abuse; allows estimating, scheduling work orders, maintenance contracts management and tracking jobs in real-time with an easy to use mobile solution with GPS.

Give your employees a major boost to keep up with paperwork like never before. The eData Vortex platform has proven time and again how to help contractors, architects and builders gain efficiencies and ensure construction projects are completed on time and on budget. More importantly, our best customers have a major focus on safety. We take those processes seriously and time is a critical factor in communicating and remediating any safety issues.

You can say goodbye to your paper forms with easy-to-use mobile forms that are readily available on smartphones and tablets with mobile construction. Submit your data to a searchable, reportable database that can be integrated with other in-house systems.