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                       The eDataVortex™ Platform is available on tablets or smartphones for Android or Apple devices.  

eData Collectors' Mobile Solutions by Industry!

The eDataVortex™ Platform provides data visualization and business dashboard solutions that solve problems

for every industry, department and technology type required.

Our products and services are versatile. Regardless of the type of business you're in, 
your data is important to you

to effectively manage any organization with real-time customized reporting and analytics.

eData Collectors understands this and will work with your needs and goals in mind to create solutions that benefit

and empower your business and the people that work with it.

Solutions by Industry:

  • Assets Management  helps gain visibility, compliance, and control of contractual and inventory functions to support all of your organization's assets.
  • ​Audits – empows audit departments of all sizes with solutions that deliver process efficiency and issue management, assessment, testing, reporting and analytics capabilities.
  • Automotive – designed for the auto industry. Customized for our clients easy and effective use to increase productivity; scheduling, work orders, parts, repairs, labor compliance tracking. 
  • Aviation – perfect for work order management that includes tracking of parts, inventory, time sheets (time & attendance), estimates, discrepancies, corrective actions, log book entries, tasks and inspections in-real-time. 
  • Building Maintenance & Management – easy to use to track and monitor subcontractors maintenance, repairs, work history, costs, inspections, compliance and performance with verification that work was completed, at the Point-of-Service.
  • Construction – The eDataVortex™ Platform offers construction managers the ability to track and verify performance, time and attendance of subcontractors work, staff hours, safety incidents, walk through and equipment inspections, deliveries and other metrics related to maintaining a productive workforce.
  • Disaster Event Management – assign tasks to mobile field users, GPS location routing and tracking, evacuation, look up nearby centers, area photos, # of people sheltering, food supply, operations status, road closures/openings & reasons. Our RFID system keeps count of the people in the building with individual's name and information prior to the Event and after the evacuation (ie. fire, explotion).
  • Distribution – efficient and cost-effective solutions to track and monitor supply, improve inventory optimization, warehouse control, sales orders, shipping and receiving, capture deliveries signature; manage customers.
  • Education – applications are especially designed for "curriculum-based" training establishments and educational institutions that face constraints of cost, time, geographical limitations, human resources and training assets.
  • Environmental – eDataVortex™ Platform's customized applications to help measure environmental emissions; as temperature, humidity, and vibration; track the number of quality inspections performed allows taking corrective action early.
  • Electrical– streamline workflows and connects field technicians to office; in real-time, with scheduling & dispatching, inventory tracking, customer account management and GPS vehicle tracking that increases productivity and profits.
  • Facilities Management – electronic data collection helps track and monitor inspections, inventory with Bar Code or NFC tags, inefficiencies, safety and operational compliance, staff and subcontractors schedules, work orders, costs and risks.
  • Field Sales – solutions that increase sales, reduce administrative burden and costs from sales team capturing details at the point-of-sale; using their smart phone to compile sales reports of activities for management’s review and recommendation.
  • First Responder Automated Gate Cruise Pass -  Our Stand-Alone RFID Gate Access Control System for Gates is designed to provide fast and secure, standalone access control to commercial, industrial and gated community facilities for Police and First Responder. Adjustable RFID Tag read range (20’- 300’) with standard Antenna.
  • Governments – federal, states, county and local government agencies are empowered by using “Green” mobile technology to collect data; in-real-time; and at the point-of-origin to save money and increase compliance by tracking, monitoring, reporting and analyzing data across departments and global locations.
  • Healthcare – track critical records for regulatory and HIPAA compliance; improve service delivery and operational performance; streamline inspections and guard tour tasks with customized forms and GPS (time & attendance) verification.
  • Hospitality – track key performance metrics as quality of service, housekeeping and maintenance work orders, time and attendance, inventory and service to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Human Resources – utilization of eData Collectors mobile applications, reporting and analytics allows any human resource manager target, track, report and analyze critical results to manage costs, deliver operational excellence and enable growth. Offers pictures, organizational charts and lots more!
  • HV/AC – track and monitor installations and repairs, parts, tools, inventory, balances, reminders, recall service history; dispatch and schedule jobs to assist technicians find locations with pre-filled and prioritized addresses on solution’s GPS.
  • Insurance – increase revenue and improve operational efficiencies modeling and analyzing risks with utilization of the eDataVortex™ system that empowers to aggregate, analyze, and isolate important information that increase profits.
  • Inspection Services – enterprise, mobile, out-of-the- box with unlimited, custom inspection reports, assessments, audits, checklists, evaluations solutions with drop down options, pictures, signatures, drawings, attached documents, calculator + more.
  • Inventory Management – barcode, NFC and RFID technology is used for inventory and costs tracking in real-time customer, shipping and supplier relationships and warehouse management, multi-location, order entry and authorized access levels.
  • Janitorial –  increase accountability, profits and customer satisfaction.  Schedule work orders and know where your people are- (time & attendance verification) with an affordable mobile solution and GPS tracking that works- with or without internet access.
  • Landscaping –  boost field efficiency, eliminate paperwork, schedule and dispatch jobs, manage in real-time, track order status, verify time & attendance with eData Collectors’ mobile solutions for your Customers.
  • Manufacturing – eData Collectors solutions streamline production processes to monitor operational effectiveness and help uncover waste and risks by quantifying and visualizing data at the operational levels and in real-time. 
  • Mechanical - empower Supervisors to manage with electronic work orders, scheduling, tracking and performance analytics on every job installation, inspection and service maintenance contract. 
  • Mining– Using eDataVortex™ Platform's customized applications help minimize injuries and fatalities by electronically collecting, tracking and measuring leading performance indicators and completed safety inspections.
  • Oil & Gas – energy suppliers can stay ahead of demand with visual dashboards that monitor time-of-day usage as well as weekly, daily, and seasonal usage patterns and reporting requirements. Other daily tasks can be tracked by using GPS for deliveries, NFC for near communication requirements (time & attendance, vehicle and fork lift use for reporting to government agencies).
  • Pest Control – optimize routes, save money on fuel plan, schedule and track routes, work orders, chemicals; create estimates with accurate pricing; in real-time; and effectively manage with the eDataVortex™ Platform's robust mobile solutions and GPS.
  • Plumbing – streamline management by eliminating paperwork, waste and abuse.  Allows estimating, scheduling tasks with automated work orders.  Track jobs, inventory, staff and data in real-time with an easy to use mobile solution with GPS, barcode or NFC.
  • Roofing – capture photos with an easy to use out-of-the-box customized mobile applications with GPS, CRM, signature, drawings and estimates that are uploaded instantly to the cloud for sharing with customers, subcontractors, and insurance adjusters.
  • Sales – empower sales managers with the tools to monitor and evaluate performance on a variety of dimensions. By analyzing CRM and sales data together, sales activities can be correlated with results.
  • Structural – manage and collaborate with the office(s) and field staff in real-time and GPS; capture data with time & attendance verification, photos, notes, drawings, signature, inventory, punch list items while documenting project field progress.
  • Transport & Logistics – eData Collectors’ advanced analytics such as trends and relationships in asset utilization, repairs, downtime, delays, staff performance, safety inspections and training hours can be used to monitor regulatory compliance data.
  • Utilities - eDataVortex™ allows monitoring equipment, facilities and business metrics in real-time and improving the ability to efficiently match supply with demand and spot inconsistencies that could indicate illegal connections or line leakage.
  • Vehicle / Fleet – manage fleet vehicles with mobile, out-of-the-box and customizable applications to reduce asset utilization with optimized routes, work schedules and inspections with GPS and reporting to measure and analyze safety and compliance.

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If you and your company are under growing pressure to do more with less, here’s some good news. With our solutions – including mobile computers, tablets, printers, RFID readers, and wireless infrastructure – it will be easier for managers and technicians to monitor, track and maintain critical assets to optimize performance and cost effectiveness.

When you know where assets are and how equipment is performing you can ensure maximum up-time and increased cost effectiveness across your assets. With a mobile asset management solution you can boost asset utilization and increase production throughput. An asset management solution enables you to:

  • Improve overall equipment effectiveness (OOE).

  • Track and monitor your assets – from tools to reusable containers to machinery, IT hardware and more in real-time.

  • Dynamically schedule technicians and prevent maintenance or emergency work orders.

  • Access real-time equipment history, schematics and repair manuals anywhere.

  • Maintain real-time data for ease of regulatory compliance reporting.

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